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Travifly is free to use. We do not add any extra fees or use cookies to raise prices, so how do we make money? When you search for a flight, hotel, car, package or other travel related offer on Travifly you instantly search across hundreds of travel sites, from major booking sites to individual company sites. We aggregate the results, and show you the available online prices. Travifly only makes money when a successful completed booking is carried out on the site you are redirected to, or on a click-through basis, as we receive a referral fee. These referral fees are paid by our partners – we never charge you any fees or commission. We also make money from the ads displayed on our site. When a Travifly user clicks on one of these ads and is redirected to the advertiser’s site, or sometimes already when we display the adverts, we make a little bit of money from our advertising clients. That’s it!

Prices from airlines and online travel agents can be updated multiple times per day and availability fluctuates constantly. As we don’t set prices ourselves, it is not possible for us to guarantee prices from airlines, hotels and travel agents. We make every effort to ensure the prices found on Sardinia2day are accurate and up to date, but prices can change frequently with availability. Occasionally there can also be a problem with the prices being sent to us by a provider (hotel, airline or car rental company), or there can be technical reasons why the price is not represented accurately. If you feel that this is the case, please raise it via the ‘Contact us’ form.

Travifly offers the price filter option. So when you will search for any particular destination for flights you will see the best prices first. So there will be lot of options to choose from.

Travifly has contractual partnerships with most of the 700+ provider sites that can be seen in our results. If you’re a company that’s interested in working with us, check out our Affiliates or Hotel Owners pages. Separately to these partnerships, our company forms part of Booking Holdings Inc., which includes other travel and leisure sites such as,,, and Airline Boking Helper also operates a portfolio of metasearch brands including Travelpayouts.

We strive to provide you an exhaustive list of the offers available at the time of your search and we believe we are close, but we do not have access to all offers and sometimes we decide to filter out poor quality results.

We are the leading travel services provider and we ensure the customer satisfaction along with providing the best prices. So if you are looking for a tour along with the other services we are the best.
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